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AstroArts and Tenmado Kobo have developed gTriViewStarsh which covers the full dome with 3 sets of DLP projectors and have installed it at gPlanetarium Gingazah in May 2008.

Flexible and powerful ideas evolve the digital dome!

The concept of TriViewStars is to take in the digital devices evolving drastically and use them efficiently.

Under the close corroboration AstroArts(contents) and Tenmado(hardware), the beautiful starry skies and user friendly interface have been provided.

The dome design, screen installation and hardware development are in charge of Tenmado and the planetarium contents are in charge of AstroArts.

TriViewStars is the name of this fantastic system.

Constellation Pictures

Milky Way

Projection area of one projector
Under adjustment

Basic Diagram